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May 2018



MONDO UOMO COLLECTION 2018 Modern man indulges himself and enjoys fashion. He is willing to exit his comfort zone and take advantage of what life brings to him. Mondo Uomo Man does not blindly follow the trends, but chooses quality, and he can find it [...]

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PLACA 51 The sincere passion for cooking Placa comes from Croatian word for fresh food market and 51 is Rijeka's telephone prefix and part of Rijeka's postal code. Together they make the name of excellent sea port restaurant offering daily lunches and a selection of [...]

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April 2018

March 2018



JONATHAN I NEVER MEANT TO BE THERE Jonathan is a band of five close friends from Rijeka, Croatia whose paths crossed in 2011. All of them came from other bands with many years of experience but none were prepared for the instant chemistry and ease [...]

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Mute Adoration 6-1 by JAMOI


JAMOI MUTE ADORATION 6.1 Shot inside the machine room of Kantrida Pools, the JAMOI Street Style Sessions collection pays homage to fashion’s eclecticism in the most indicative synesthetic mode. Influences of intricate, sharp cuts allude elaborative Japonesque pattern making, while merged with oversized, baggy pieces [...]

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December 2017



MARKO KOVAČIĆ SAMO MIŠIĆI Shooting for my friend Marko Kovacic, personal trainer and nutricionist. He is also a mathematician, a powerlifter and - well you guessed it - a dedicated bodybuilder. You can follow him on instagram SAMOMISICI.

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November 2017



IVA PORTRAIT SESSION This is a short video of basic portrait retouching. I always tend not to bring it to its extremes as I do not want to make puppets out of models. However, small temporary imperfections have to be taken care of. When we [...]

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October 2017

Eternal Bride


ETERNAL BRIDE DARK SESSION Emotional web of anxiety and expetations, a modern and dark depiction of “Waiting for Godot” digs deep in the essence of our hopes and brings the eternity of peace, but only after questioning our inner existence. Model: Dusty DuPree MUA: Petra [...]

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