October 2017

Toscana & Cinque Terre

We wanted to visit Tuscany for a long time now, especially as it is so near to our hometown (only 5-6 hours drive). Mid October was perfect time to plan our trip as the weather was still warm and sunny and there was not much crowd at the famous sights.. Tuscany was all we imagened [...]

December 2016


So, a Croatian wedding photographer and his newlywed wife went to Thailand. Sounds like a start of a good joke :) Except it is not, we really went to Thailand :) Enjoy this travel story of 1 recently married couple and if you take a closer look, there are also 2 couples inside that [...]

December 2015


London - what to say, I really like it. I feel really good in London, maybe I lived one of my past lives there, who knows ;) The 6th time, I brought my camera with me. I also brought my girlfriend and got back with a fiancee.

January 2013


Business trip brought me to India back in January 2013. I spent limited time in Mumbai and New Delhi. I did short sightseeings and a one day trip to Agra. India is really a chaotic country. I never experienced anything like this before. It gets under your skin and you cannot forget it. So many [...]