December 2017

January 2017

Jonathan Band – behind the scene shots

This was a really fun and quick project. I was approached by Damir Hoyka saying he arranged an exhibition of rock band photos in Zagreb giving the opportunity to us (Fotosofia seminarists) to shoot some of the popular Croatian bands in association with Tvornica club in Zagreb. It was really a rushy time for me, [...]

Secret Potion – making of

  This is a very special photo for me as it was one of my first attempts to do something different in photography. It was done back in 2011 and herewith, I will explain what was necessary to bring this photo to life. This is pretty much a boring theme - glass with some [...]

March 2016

Halloween Photo Tutorial for 500px

Halloween Photo Tutorial How To Create Creepy Exaggerated Ribs & Sharp Fingernails   Published by 500px ISO • 2015 Original article: https://iso.500px.com/halloween-dark-fairy-portrait-tutorial/   "When we stumbled upon this bone-chilling picture of a dark fairy—complete with piercing eyes, sharp fingers, protruding, exaggerated ribs—it sent tingles down our spine. In this tutorial, Croatia-based photographer Filip Grzincic shares the secrets [...]

November 2015

Terminator & short “how it’s made”

This shot was done in a cool abandoned hall Hartera in Rijeka, Croatia, that used to be a paper factory. Now it has no use.. except for cool photo sessions :) So, we did a shot of Moreno lit up with a Nikon SB24 flash held by my faithful assistent Slađana. Flash had a [...]

October 2015

Matrix Bullet Dodge

Recreation of the famous Matrix scene done in abandoned Hartera factory hall in Rijeka, Croatia. We had a lot of fun and model had a lot of back pain as we did like around 20 to 30 shots till we got it right! Couch was found on the spot! :) Later I removed the chair, [...]