This is a very special photo for me as it was one of my first attempts to do something different in photography. It was done back in 2011 and herewith, I will explain what was necessary to bring this photo to life. This is pretty much a boring theme – glass with some milk in it, so I tried to do it a bit differently.
This is the setup photo:



I used two strobes, a home made small softbox, snoot and green and blue gel along with some other stuff I will note below. Camera model is Olympus E5 with Zuiko 50mm macro.

First I set up the camera to show no ambient light at all (I did not use any background) which in my case was 1/250 at f11. Then I introduced the strobe with a home made softbox on it and got the result as follows below (as some light was spilling on my back wall I used HP laptop like a curtain to stop light hiting it). I really do not remember the setting on my flash, but it was triggered with cactus v5, manual settings, somewhere around 1/8th or 1/16 of power.



I wanted reflections to be more elegant, to have just a long narrow line so I used a regular notebook and covered the softbox leaving just a small stripe for light to pass through.



This was ok so I just added a small white cardboard on the opposite side to give me more fill on the glass (noticeable when milk was inside).



Finally I used an inscent stick to get smoke, I put a green gel on softboxed flash and I handheld second flash with blue gel and snoot on it.



After taking many shots from different angles, with and without smoke,  I combined 2 or 3 photographs in Photoshop to get the final result.
Feel free to ask any questions or give any comments!