Filip Grzincic, born in 1983, is Croatia based award winning art & fashion photographer. With keen interests for drawing as well for music, he began to do photography in 2008 when he got his hands on small compact camera. With extensive self education, workshops and many seminars he found major interest into photographing people with accent on art, fashion and wedding photography. During his experience he proved the value of his works by winning first prizes on various photo contests. He continues to craft amazing photoshopped images as well as beautifuly arranged fashion photosessions.

So that’s what they say.

Nothing much to add though, except about that first camera, it was a gift my mom got and I took it from her, of course. Unfortunately I dropped it and crashed it shortly after. However, I had it long enough to develop an amazing passion for photography and now I still continue this work with strong support from my wife.

I also hope Nikon will support me with same passion one day ūüôā

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