This was a really fun and quick project. I was approached by Damir Hoyka saying he arranged an exhibition of rock band photos in Zagreb giving the opportunity to shoot some of the popular Croatian bands in association with Tvornica club in Zagreb. It was really a rushy time for me, in the middle of the season, with gigs with my band and weddings to be delivered. So I kinda forgot all about this email, till he reminded me again and said I have to do this!¬†ūüôā

Then the Universe did its part by making the band available on the really only afternoon I could spare for this shooting, just 2 or 3 days prior to the deadline. I post produced the photos the same evening, and the main photo turned out to be a cover for the exhibition and a cover for many more band articles, shows and promotions.

So, the idea was a basic levitation, but now we have 5 people doing it. We pulled it off in a really short time, the guys were great, I even thought of doing each one separately as I would usually do, but it would take me quite longer to finalize the work. So we did it in one shot. Only issues I had was that one photo was a winner, but the glass and hand looked better in the another one, so I had to stitch the hand to the winner photo. Later we shot the scene without chairs, and we made few shots of cards in the air, to make it more fun. All that remained was to connect all in photoshop, remove unnecessary stuff, a little bit of cloning, dodgeing, burning and other regular stuff and voila!

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