Music Videos


Crucify Me

Video for young and talented Croatian singer and writer J.R. August featuring the main song of his debut album.

Video credits:
Script: Filip & Slađana Gržinčić
Director, director of photography, lighting, postproduction: Filip Gržinčić
Scenography: Slađana Gržinčić
Hair & make-up: Štefi Turk
Executive Producer: Croatia Records

I never Meant to Be There

Music video for band Jonathan. This video is very special to me as it is the first music video I ever made and it was done using only a 30 second footage I did during the photoshoot of the band.

Nisam Dobar

Music video for Slavko Remenaric and his project – MILLION. This video was made during COVID-19 quarantine period so the whole production consisted of two persons – my wife and me. Slavko and Ernest made their footage at home according to our instructions and after some effects, 4 days of shooting, one thousand and three times to pick up all the banknotes off the floor – the video was done!


Music video for Croatian singer Božidarka Matija Čerina

Production – Filip Gržinčić
Script – Slađana Gržinčić & Filip Gržinčić

Music – Duško Rapotec
Lyrics: Alen Orlić
Arangement: Duško Rapotec

Stranci u našoj sudbini

Music video for young talented Croatian singer Medea. Video was filmed in Centre Gervais in Opatija.

Haljina: ELFS

MUA & hair: Daniel Domika


Music video for band Buco i Kalašnjikovi. This was a very funny project! Once we settled to do a video, I had wide open hands to make any kind of script I wanted. Upon presenting the first draft, all they said was: “OK, let’s do it!”. Further on, the band made sure they fulfilled every detail from the script, made a boxing ring, included their friends and family in the project, found a room to be splashed with water, all of which made this project come to life in its original script. Make sure you watch it till the end.

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