Truffle Hunting


Istria – among many other specific phenomena – is also world famous for its truffles. This aphrodisiac mushroom with its distinctive taste makes you either hate it or absolutely adore it. We visited “Natura tartufi” in Buzet, central Istria where we found out how truffle hunt looks like and we got to taste some, well, I can’t even find a word to describe those specialties..


We took a short walk to the forest where we met Biba, the truffle hunting dog. Biba is a specially trained canine according to trainings of drug sniffing dogs. She easily discovers the scent of truffles growing under the ground. It usually takes around an hour for the first one, but as soon as she got her paws into the forest, we were lucky as she immediately found a very nice peace! It is a season of black truffle (with not so intense taste) whose market price varies around 500 EUR/kg. Biba had a surgery recently and now she is quite scared of masses and camera clicks so unfortunately it was almost impossible to get her portrait.


Just try and imagine this dessert: Vanilla ice-cream covered with truffle honey and sprinkled with fresh black truffle + cookie made of truffles and olive oil. But that was not all, you also get two pieces of chocolate to be tasted with truffle salt. All this after tasting various truffle spreads and products and show cooking of characteristic traditional truffle scrambled eggs.

This excursion can be booked with Katarina Line, one of the largest Croatian DMC based in Opatija.

Enjoy the story!

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