Placa 51

The sincere passion for cooking

Placa comes from Croatian word for fresh food market and 51 is Rijeka’s telephone prefix and part of Rijeka’s postal code. Together they make the name of excellent sea port restaurant offering daily lunches and a selection of à la carte meals prepared soley with a strong passion for cooking.

Rade Malobabić and Ivan Tomašević run this place known for its delicious meals with special twists, unique in the region. Ingredients are daily bought at the fresh food market just around the corner and from the small producers around Croatia. You can always find one of them in their open kitchen with a spark in their eyes when finishing another carefully prepared meal. Rade’s and Ivan’s dedication even lead to the fact they educated their butcher to cut the meat differently, according to their needs – I am talking about specially prepared barbacue ribs you just have to try.

Well, I will just let you enjoy in this gallery featuring a part of Placa 51 à la carte menu and a glimpse of kitchen activity behind these works of art.

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