This shot was done in a cool abandoned hall Hartera in Rijeka, Croatia, that used to be a paper factory. Now it has no use.. except for cool photo sessions ?

So, we did a shot of Moreno lit up with a Nikon SB24 flash held by my faithful assistent Slađana. Flash had a modifier – custom made beauty dish made out of plastic bowl. It is a bit small, but softens the light when held up close. Another assistent had a bouncer behind the model reflecting some light back to the head. Second flash (sb910) with red gel was set up in slave mode and fired at the wall behind to get the cool terminator scene mood. After a couple of shots (around 30 to 40) ? we finally took the image I was able to work with.

There are 2 animated gifs at the end showing step by step process all the way to the end result. It took around 8 hours of work and most of it was masking and dodging and burning to get the skin rip effect. Hair brushes were used for extra hair, blood images were used for blood of course ? Cyborg head I got from mmarti user on DeviantArt that allowed me to use it in my manipulation. I did dodging and burning on black and white as otherwise it over-saturates the image. Later I colorized the face (I used gradient map layer with blending mode set to color and masked out everything except the face).


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